Posted by: Miss A | November 3, 2008


This is like the 1,000th blog I’ve started but I’m committed to sticking with this one. I’m so indecisive that it’s hard for me to settle for just one so I decided I needed two blogs. One for personal stuff and this one for my shop and other general crafty pursuits.I guess I’ll start off by sharing some things about myself. I love anything that has to do with yarn. Needlework is my passion but I’m starting to get into jewelry making. My new found interest in jewelry making really spawn from an interest in knitting with beads.
I’m a beginning spinner that has a lot to learn. I love art yarns and I have a mother Marion kick spindle and an ashford traditional wheel.I’m very new to spinning and haven’t mastered my wheel yet.
I’m A pretty serious thrifter. Shopping for craft supplies has become a hobby of its own. I have a huge collection of vintage craft books that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year. In a vain attempt to keep the monster under control I opened an Etsy shop where I sell things that I don’t need or that aren’t inspirational for me. I love finding good homes for vintage goodies where they will get the love and attention they deserve. My shop has been on a long haitus but I just reopened it.